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Power & Labor of 10 Men

with Acco​untability of 1



We Dig It, We Move It and We Make It Easy on You 

Hire One of the Best in Outdoor Services and Consulting

Hello! My name is Mark D. Martin and welcome to O.O.C. Property Services!  

We are more then just a tractor or bobcat service. We are outdoor Labor Eliminators.

We provide professional outdoor property services backed by more than 20 years of industry experience. I also use a special machine that does the work of 10 men.

Some of my services include; tree maintenance, fertilizing and consulting, man-lift for a higher reach, turf aerating, removal and sod prep, storm damage clean up, moving and spreading brush, wood, rock, mulch, contour building, leveling and grading soil, trenching and backhoe for irrigation, wiring and underground electrical services, large area mowing and raking, landscape and site prepping, driveway and culvert install, transplanting, digging and stump/root grinding. I am also a certified drone pilot and have the ability to see projects from above. We have the tools on the trailer and truck to help you with almost any of your outdoor projects and needs. We are grounds work specialists with the toolbox to match.

 We dig it, we move it and we make it easy on you.

Additionally, we are firm believers in working with nature in a more effective manner by not using chemicals and other things that are harmful to our environment. As a one-man/one machine operation, I am able to charge less than other companies that employ multiple men and women who may cause a threat to the security of your residential property.

Browse through my site to learn more about how I can help you. Get in touch with me today to schedule an appointment and request a free quote or estimate! 

We can even travel a good distance and still give you a better rate for the services we provide.

We Promise that our time is money in your pocket !

A little explanation; as nouns the difference between Operator and Operater, is that Operator is one who operates, while Operater is the surgeon. Like what we would expect of a surgeon, I pride myself on having the knowledge base and high standards to provide customers with my very Best Service.


Mission Statement 

My Mission is to help customers to Achieve their Goals of Outside Improvements using My Skills, Machines and Knowledge to Save them Time, Energy and Money. Giving and Getting so much more done for less.

About Me

Mark Martin is a native of North Central Florida who has been helping people from Orlando, Florida to Columbus, Ohio with their Tree, Lawn and Property issues for well over 20 years. He has been in the industry since May of 1994. He has a proven track record and an exceptional work ethic. Mark is passionate about utilizing natural resources to maintain, improve and even create the kind of Outdoor space any Property Owner would be proud to share. He advocates natural methods such as Aerification over chemical application to achieve a healthy green lawn. Aerification relieves soil compaction which can keep water and oxygen from getting to the roots of grass. He has been called "the Tree Whisperer" for his ability to restore Trees to their former glory.

Mark's focus with O.O.C. Property Services is on Embracing the Elements and working with Nature instead of against it, using the right Power Equipment for the Job, Conserving the Natural Resources of the Property and Sharing his Knowledge with the Customer. O.O.C. has the right Power Equipment that can do the job of 10 men, thus saving Time and Money. The equipment, which has multiple attachment capabilities combined with the Skill and Experience of the Operater makes most Outdoor Projects possible. When you hire O.O.C., you get an individualized analysis of your property needs. Mark works with you to formulate a plan based on the unique specifications of your property. He will be Transparent about costs and diligent about getting the Job done. Mark believes that a satisfied Customer is a Repeat Customer. Even if you are not certain what you would like to have done, Contact O.O.C. for a Consultation and an in depth analysis of your property needs so that Mark can assist you in making choices for your Property.

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