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Professional Power Equipment Operater

and Outdoor Consultant

Labor and power are often what it takes to accomplish many tasks around our homes. O.O.C. Property Services has the equipment and the knowledge to complete many of those tasks.

The machine I use is lighter in weight and smaller in size, compared to most Rental Equipment. But do not let it fool you into believing it is not enough for most jobs. It is very versatile with many attachments. I have always called it “Little Hulk” for a reason. 

Some of the Services I can perform include:



Preping a unlevel area for a pole barn to be built. Digging up and grinding out large roots left from fallen trees and  without bringing in extra fill dirt.


By pulling the plugs to the surface helps water and nutrients get deeper into the soil and breaks up soil compaction.

  • Moving Debris/Wood/Storm Cleanup
  • Moving Dirt/Mulch
  • Site Preparation/Leveling
  • Raking/De-thatching
  • Trenching for Irrigation/Wiring
  • Backhoe for Underground Electric Service/Ditch Digging
  • Backfilling
  • Grading Driveways, Yards and even Creating Instant Gardens
  • Small-Medium Stump Grinding/Removal
  • Tree Maintenance Fertilizing and Consulting
  • Turf Aerating and Bad Turf Removal
  • Large Area Mowing
  • Yard and Lawn clean up
  • Yard Reclaiming and Grounds work

Hey, are you a do-it-yourself, DIY, kind of person?, me too. Problem is, with Rental Equipment you have to pick up and take back, refuel,  you are on a time clock and for the cost, I know O.O.C. can give you so much more. My high-quality equipment does the job of 10 men. No matter the size or scale of your job, I’ve got you covered. What are you waiting for? We dig it, we move it and we make it easy on you. Get in touch with me today! While you are at it, make sure to request a free quote or estimate for your project.

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